What are the new features and updates of the latest FLUX 2.0?

No Trade Fee for one month

Trade fee has been reduced to 0% from 0.3% for one month.

We have decided to reduce the trade fee to 0% such that you can seamlessly use FLUX without worrying about any FEE's.

Optional KYC for Lower limits trade

Many new users face barrier because of going through the entire process of doing the KYC. We believe that buying bitcoin should be as easy as playing games. So for new users, we have removed the restriction of KYC if 24 hours trading volume less than Rs.1,00,000. The details will be published on “Payments” section.

Independent Wallets

Now transfer your cryptocurrencies to any wallet or exchange directly from your Flux wallet and vice versa. You will still be able to move your funds to Coindelta wallet with no fee.

Increased trading limit

The limit on each order has been increased to Rs.10,00,000 from Rs.50,000 It will allow larger trades to get executed in less time.

A mode of new communications

  • One click anonymous call
  • Secure chat
  • SMS alerts

To reduce the trading duration because of miscommunications, we are adding a call feature where you can directly call your trade partner with just one-click-call without your details getting revealed. The new 2.0 also includes a chat feature so traders can inform each other privately about their payments.

Improved trading experience

Mandatory Transaction ID and remark during payment

To improve the trading experience on Flux, we are adding payment remark and a Mandatory transaction ID while confirming the payment. For every bank transaction that you make to the seller, you will see a unique remark that you can put while doing the IMPS or UPI. It will make seller’s life easier by identifying your payment with ease.

User Reputation

Now you also see user’s reputation such as the number of trades completed, dispute details, and several other parameters.

Referral Dashboard

You will get access to a dashboard where you can see the number of people you have referred and their trading volume.